NYC August 21 2013

There are many, many things I love about having my own shop, but one of my favorites is that I get to go on buying trips. At least once a year I head to NYC to check out the new collections of thousands of designers showing their work at NY Now, a HUGE trade show for the accessory, home and gift industry. This year I picked up 8 new collections, here's a sneak peek of some pieces that will be available at Red Sail this fall.

Usually my stay in New York is under 48 hours (I know, 6000 miles in a weekend is a bear!), but this trip I actually gave myself half a day off to explore the city. I grew up outside of NYC so I've spent a decent amount of time there, but it's been years since I took the time to play tourist in the Big Apple, and a lot has changed. Here are a few sights that left an impression... and what make NYC such a great city.