How to Decorate Your Airbnb for Rave Reviews September 20 2019

The best Airbnb stays make you feel right at home the minute you open the doors. We've been inspired by some of our more enjoyable stays to curate a collection of modern and unique home goods to elevate the average stay into a five star. Get ready to turn your Airbnb room, ADU, apartment, house, or loft into an oasis to please the most selective of travelers. 


Start by sprinkling softness and style throughout your space with easy care fabrics. Weighty throw blankets from Seek & Swoon featuring abstract patterns are made of recycled fabric from the fashion industry, increasing your cool quotient. Place one across the end of a bed and drape another over the back of an armchair for instant results. Tempt travelers to sink into the sofa with soft down pillows covered in hand-printed cotton. (Bonus: luxurious accessories will disguise that Extorp or Malm piece you picked up at Ikea for a song.)

Protect your furniture with enticing coasters and trays that guests will actually want to use. Mix and match coasters throughout the space: colorful felt squares for the coffee table and washable silicone beauties for the patio. Select a hand-printed Baltic birch tray from Wolfum in the ideal size for a side table, bookshelf, or ottoman and your guests can keep their snacks and drinks within reach. Corral electronic remotes and chargers in matching woven dishes and baskets to create consistency throughout the space.


Add life to the space by hanging a low maintenance plant and pierced terracotta planter in a sunny window.  Scatter letter-pressed art throughout the space. Help guests get a feel for their temporary hometown with a neighborhood map from Archie's Press, inspire exploration with a nature map of the Pacific coast and beyond, showcase seasonal produce with a gold-embossed print. Carry impeccable style to the bathroom with a slender mouth-blown decanter with glass and a soothing oil-based soap in a small dish (Pro-tip: cut the soap into sections to make it last longer.)
With all of these improvements, you're well on your way to getting rave reviews and consistent bookings. Cheers!