Graduation Gift Guide June 07 2017

It's officially June, the month of summer solstice, sunny skies, and graduation parties. If you're lucky enough to have a happy graduate in your life, it falls on you to select a fantastic gift for their rite of passage. To help you with this task, we've gathered a list of the most desirable graduation gifts so you can choose the right one for your graduate.
Son of A Sailor Sertodo Shot Board at Red Sail   Portland Growler Company Loop Handle Growler at Red Sail 
For celebratory gifts, we suggest a solid brass bottle opener, "You've Earned It" emblazoned on its side, for a constant reminder of success. If they prefer beverages on tap to bottled varieties, consider a stylish opaque growler, useful for years to come. For the ultimate in celebration, a rich walnut shot board accompanied by four hand-hammered copper shot glasses makes an ideal option for the soon-to-be networker or host. For extra fun, add a bottle of tequila with some limes and Jacobsen's salt so they can try out their gift right away.

Abacus Row Dorado Necklace in Sky Blue at Red Sail Zoe Comings Tiny Pebble Earrings at Red Sail

Many graduations happily coincide with a sparkly new job and the opportunity for a wardrobe update. One must for professional life is office appropriate jewelry that can transition flawlessly to happy hour, such as these delicate nude porcelain earrings, or this minimal adjustable silk and gold bead necklaceFor extra good luck on their new job, gift a tiny horseshoe pendant that they can wear daily. A sizable-yet-cool tote to hold their electronic devices and other daily needs is also a coveted gift. Since offices really crank up the air conditioning regardless of the season, giving your graduate a watercolor printed scarf to keep in their tote will help them stay warm and can complement everything from important presentation ensembles to casual Friday looks. If the new hire is biking to work a professional backpack will have them looking like a pro when they arrive for the day. (We love this backpack, too). They can complete their put-together appearance with a stylish, washable lunch bag, since we're sure they'll be packing their own lunch like real adults. 
 Matt & Nat Vegan Brave Backpack at Red Sail Dealtry Thalia Watercolor Scarf at Red Sail
If your reigning graduate has moved to a new city or office, we have plenty of options to help decorate. Remind them of home with a circular map of Portland (paired with a map of their new city to show your support). Alternately, if their walls could use extra life, opt for a handmade porcelain hanging planter paired with a delicate air plant. For those individuals who have a propensity for spending too many hours at the office, you can bring some greenery to their space with a minimal ribbed bud vase for flowers or a simple geometric wooden planter set with succulents. Finally, start their collection of grown-up furniture with a gorgeous mid-century modern table lamp for the gift they'll adore for years and years.
Pigeon Toe Ceramics Ribbed Bud Vase at Red Sail Caravan Pacific Sullivan Table Lamp at Red Sail
For those of us gift-givers who are always pressed for time, or think that our recent graduate needs some post-schooling retail therapy, we suggest a Red Sail gift certificate for a sure way to please (psst...these can be used both at our Portland store and online). No matter what gift you select and send, we think you're set for success. Now let's all sit back, have a drink, and toast to life's big (and little) victories.