New Shades from Shwood July 23 2019

Just in time for the height of summer, we've stocked a selection of sunglasses from local favorite Shwood Handcrafted, and we couldn't be more obsessed! Founded in Portland in 2009, Shwood crafts swoon-worthy, sturdy sunglasses out of Pacific Northwest woods, Italian acetate, German hinges, and an adventurous spirit. The styles we have are unisex and flattering to most face shapes, and each pair comes with a custom travel case, microfiber cleaning cloth, and 1-year manufacturer warranty. 

Shwood Francis Sunglasses Red Sail Portland    Shwood Canby Acetate Marine Elm Sunglasses Red Sail Portland       

Looking for the perfect sunglasses for your face? Canby, Kennedy, Ainsworth, and Francis will flatter the most face shapes, including the sometimes tricky heart and diamond. Foster is gorgeous on mid to wide faces, and Prescott is best for round, oval, square, or rectangle faces. For the ultimate experience, view the world through the rose tinted lenses of the Francis, with plum blossom petals embedded into the frames. Or relax into the Prescott, created with a cool mint tea leaf inlay. For a complete Pacific Northwest experience, snatch up the Canby, with frames finished with elm burl, or the special edition Pendleton Canby. We also stock Shwood's polarized sunglasses, which will cut the glare down during your sunny adventures. (Anyone up for kayaking or a long road trip?) Whichever pair you choose, you'll be rocking envy-inducing, high-quality sunglasses all year long.