Planting Happiness April 09 2018

Spring has officially arrived (yay!), and our homes are finally getting more sunlight. We're celebrating this slow return of warmer weather here at the shop by stocking a plethora of planters this season. Below we've complied our favorite plant/planter combinations... these beauties make delightful gifts for Mother's Day and housewarmings, and are sure to perk up your own living room or office year round.

Pigeon Toe Two Tone Tripot Planter      String of Pearls      Casey Sibley Fabric Bucket      Dragon tree

For a universally pleasing plant, we'd pot senecio rowleyanus (string of pearls) in this two tone planter from Pigeon Toe Ceramics. The succulent's quickly growing spherical leaves will look luxurious draped over the matte ceramics of the planter. For a larger option, place dracaena marginata (dragon tree) in its pot inside this canvas bucket from Casey Sibley. It will look fantastic atop a bookshelf in a sunny house. A modern linear planter from Andrew Molleur will highlight the small, glossy leaves of radermachera sinica (china doll) in your sunniest windowsill. This clean lines of this planter fit nicely in a bathroom, entryway, or mudroom.

China doll plant      Andrew Molleur Block Planter      Pancake plant      Hasami Small Planter Sand

For space-saving options, Hasami's slender matte planter paired with pilea peperomioides (pancake plant), a petite plant with flat round leaves, will fit in the smallest of spots. A set of teakwood and brass cachepots are pretty containers for a trio of air plants. They can be grouped for effect or dotted throughout a room to bring a look together. For the ultimate in design and organization, the speckled surface of Stak Ceramic's planter/phone dock is the ideal contrast to the glossy, smooth leaves of crassula ovata (jade plant). (Bonus: the planter has a place for your phone to dock with a hidden slot for your charger, along with an extra compartment for pens, paperclips, or post-its.) Give this wonder to the recent graduate or your favorite professional to brighten up their office or studio.

Roost Cachepot      Air plants      Stak Ceramics Sprout Planter      Jade plant

Where do you get these plants, you may ask? We have a few garden shops that we like to frequent: Garden Fever, Thicket, and Pistils are all in the neighborhood. For a large selection, Portland Nursery and the lesser known Tony's Garden Center have never steered us wrong. Just remember, if you've chosen a planter from our lovely selection ahead of gifting time, pick up the plant close to the date or plan to tend it until you take it to its new home.