Summer Happy Hour July 03 2016

Summer has arrived in Portland, pleasantly early this year, and we’ve found the best thing to beat the heat, an impromptu backyard cocktail hour with friends. Pro tip: make sure to choose the friend with the coolest backyard to host. They’ll be delighted to show off their hard work and everyone else can bring ingredients for the fabulous cocktails.



Along with all the fixings for a perfect mojito, you'll want to make sure you've got the proper tools, so bring this hand turned, corian-tipped muddler by AHeirloom. It’s great for crushing mint and macerating limes. For crushing ice, measuring shots, and popping open bottles, use the 4-in-1 Bar Tool. Depending on the size and thirst of your gathering, a large pitcher like the modern Morandi, or slim Beyaz, both from Roost, or a smaller carafe like this simple wonder from Kinto, will help maximize relax time with effortless refills.

To provide inspiration, we’re giving you our favorite mojito recipe from Food and Wine, based on the original 1929 drink, and because one drink does not fit all, we’ve found a variation that’s a bit sweeter for those who prefer a little bubbly, along with the recipe for the mojito’s long-lost cousin, a Hemingway Daiquiri. Rumor has it Mr. Hemingway drank these by the double in pint glasses, but we love the luxurious feel of these Gold Band Glasses. Now if only our lawn chairs would spontaneously transform into hammocks, we’d really be set.