Color Trend | aubergine, mint, grey October 09 2016

I do so love the changing of seasons. The weather allows me to unearth my favorite soft layering pieces and suddenly I feel a strong desire to sip a mug of cider while watching the rain, possibly while nestled under this luxurious throw from Twig. Now that we're officially into autumn, we're definitely on our way to cooler weather. To keep this admittedly dark season enjoyable for as long as possible, I like to brighten things up with splashes of fresh color in my home and personal style. Currently I'm obsessed with rich, saturated purples and light, cool greens. These tones, whether called aubergine and mint, plum and sea glass, or eggplant and mist, look fabulous in the fading light of fall and will remain beautiful all year round. 


Color Trend Mint Aubergine Grey Copper


Since statement colors can be powerful, they'll transition easier into an already existing wardrobe and house if paired with a neutral accent color, like saddle brown, to ground them. Pairing this Molly M aubergine pouch with copper, as seen in this modern butterfly hair tie from Caravan Pacific, leads to effortless chic. A plum dress gains a little gravity with a dove gray accent like this Circle Purse from Baggu. Baggu also offers their classic tote in sea glass, the perfect combination of professional and fresh in this hue, and pairing it with the warm grey of this iPad case will keep you looking like the cool professional you are during those important meetings.


Color Trend Mint Purple Grey Home


On the decor side, mint and aqua tones benefit from the addition of pale woods or cream porcelain. The fir in this boxcar planter provides the ideal base for the accents of color on the sides. Placed on your desk along with Pigeon Toe's abstract coasters featuring hints of greens and purple and their Tripod planter with a neutral exterior and glazed interior, you can transform your office into an oasis. A key piece for brightening up your home, the Sullivan lamp from Caravan Pacific with sleek lines and cool maple detailing, is available in both dove grey and mint, as is the porcelain splatter vase from Bean and Bailey. You can combine these pieces to make either grey or mint the focal point of your room. 

Whether choosing accessories or home goods, plums or mints, let's bring in autumn in a fresh and delightful fashion. Find all of these, and more of our favorite accessories and home decor, in this color trend here. Happy harvest, everyone!