Secrets to Successful Trip Packing July 15 2016

We absolutely love vacations: whether they're 3 or 4 days to relax, or longer to reacquaint ourselves with our favorite people or cities. What we don't love is packing for a vacation. Thus we've spent many hours in life perfecting our packing Tetris skills. Along the way, we've picked up a few tricks and avoid the messy end of the business when we actually follow them. Our first packing tip is simple: bags inside your bag will make your life infinitely easier. Here at Red Sail, we love Owen & Fred's Stay Sharp Dopp Kit, as well as Tonic's Wash bags which are available in 2 sizes for when a trip demands even more toiletries. All of these styles are lined with washable interiors in case you arrive at your destination to find your favorite shampoo and moisturizer spent the trip getting better acquainted. To help with the organization of important documents Bellroy makes an efficient travel wallet that holds all the necessities plus your passport, tickets, and a tiny pen. For a pared-down option, the geometric design keeps this passport case from Molly M delightfully fresh.


Tonic Toiletry Wash Bags


Another secret to packing for any trip is versatile accessories. They help fill out a simple wardrobe. If chosen wisely, you can get by with one of each of the following: necklace, earrings, scarf, and hair accessory, and if you wear them on the plane, you won't even have to pack them! Abacus Row makes a multi-tasking necklace with delicate black, ivory, pink and gold beads that has an adjustable length and can also be worn as a wrap bracelet. It pairs well with the Tiny Barnacle earrings from Daphne Olive. These are lightweight and simple enough to dress up or down as needed. For accessories to keep your hair looking good, pick up Caravan Pacific's modern hair ties. In brass or copper, these elevate a quick ponytail to effortless style. Coupled with a print scarf from Kinross Cashmere, you'll easily transition from a day of seeing the sights to an evening with good food and friends. Made of cashmere and silk, it's an attractive option for layering and warmth, perfect for chilly airplanes and air-conditioned museums.

The next tip is to bring something that makes you feel special. We recommend packing a journal and a travel candle. Choose a small journal with a leather cover like this one from Rustico for jotting down directions, memories, recipes, or favorite pieces of art from your trip. A travel candle may sound like a luxury, but we find a comforting scent is just the thing to make an AirBNB or hotel feel like home. Capri Blue offers a portable tin in their famous "volcano" scent, and the smell of sweet, tropical citrus is a quick pick-me-up.

Most importantly, be sure to choose the right size of bag for your adventure. If you are a champion of packing light, Baggu's Canvas backpack will be plenty large enough for your weekend. Bonus: it will fit under the seat in an airplane, so you won't have to juggle with the overhead compartments. If you'd like a little more room for packing, Nell and Mary offers this gorgeous hand-printed weekender with a secure zip-top and comfortable shoulder straps for traveling in style. Now that you've gotten your packing conquered, it's time to get excited for your trip. We love Design Sponge's travel section with 24 hour city guides and the pictorial inspiration on National Geographic's Instagram account. Now go forth, your adventure is waiting.



NYC August 21 2013

There are many, many things I love about having my own shop, but one of my favorites is that I get to go on buying trips. At least once a year I head to NYC to check out the new collections of thousands of designers showing their work at NY Now, a HUGE trade show for the accessory, home and gift industry. This year I picked up 8 new collections, here's a sneak peek of some pieces that will be available at Red Sail this fall.

Usually my stay in New York is under 48 hours (I know, 6000 miles in a weekend is a bear!), but this trip I actually gave myself half a day off to explore the city. I grew up outside of NYC so I've spent a decent amount of time there, but it's been years since I took the time to play tourist in the Big Apple, and a lot has changed. Here are a few sights that left an impression... and what make NYC such a great city.