The Art of Keeping Cozy January 18 2018

With a widespread chill in the air following nationwide low temperatures, we're desperately seeking cozy and we suspect you're right there along with us. After some thoroughly enjoyable research, we've found the secret to keeping the chill at bay whether staying indoors or venturing out into the cold: a combination of soft scarves and blankets with warm beverages.

Luvhaus Galaxy Shino Tumbler Red Sail       Kinross Ombre Fringe Cashmere Scarf Red Sail        Nado Horo AM Kettle Red Sail

There's nothing wrong with hiding from the weather every now and then, and a warm mug of tea and your favorite blanket is the ideal mix to attaining cozy while staying in. Brew yourself a cup of tea in a generously-sized pot and drink it from a hand-thrown rounded tumbler, it will warm you inside and out as you cradle it in your palms. Tuck up under a soft lambswool throw made in Ireland, where the winters are also cold and lingering, and read your favorite book or binge watch your current TV obsession. (Can we say The Crown, anyone?)

Twig Eloise Quinel Lambswool Throw Red Sail        Luvhaus Soda Tumbler Red Sail         Yarnz Outer Space Cashmere Scarf Red Sail

If you must venture outside into the cold, wrap yourself up in a surprisingly lightweight neutral cashmere scarf or a slightly thicker colorful option before donning your coat, hat, and gloves. Be sure to take a break from the weather and duck into a local spot for coffee or tea. Our faves here on Alberta are Barista, Proud Mary, Townshend's Teahouse, and Random Order Pie Bar. Once you get home, put the kettle on and invite some friends over for an evening to warm your spirits and you'll be set! And thankfully spring is but a few short months away.