Moon Rivers Naturals Hand and Body Soaps

Moon Rivers Naturals

Made in Tyler, TX

Features: small batch, handmade, vegan, cruelty-free, organic, no synthetic additives or preservatives, 8 fluid ounces, comes in a glass container with a pump

Peppermint Lava Salt: this soothing liquid soap has activated charcoal that draws bacteria, dirt, and pollutants from your skin to deeply detoxify and clarify while the Hawaiian Lava salt is rich in skin benefiting minerals. Improves circulation, hydrates deeply, and aids in healing small cuts and blemishes. 
Ingredients: coconut oil, extra virgin olive oil, castor oil, jojoba oil, guar gum, activated charcoal, vegetable glycerin, citric acid, peppermint essential oil, non-GMO vitamin E. 

Aloe Rosemary: healing properties of aloe can treat dry skin and small cuts, while the rosemary extract and essential oil has a calming effect on skin, is a natural disinfectant and a anti-inflammatory. 
Ingredients: coconut oil, castor oil, jojoba oil, aloe vera, vegetable glycerin, guar gum, citric acid, rosemary essential oil, non-GMO vitamin E, rosemary antioxidant. 

Directions: lather with water between hands or all over body, rinse off with warm water. 

Dimensions: 6" l x 2 1/4" w, 8 oz bottle




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