Etta & Billie Skin Balm

Etta & Billie

Made in San Francisco, CA

Features: skin nourishing mix of organic cocoa butter, fair trade shea butter and organic virgin coconut oil keeps skin hydrated while beeswax naturally helps skin retain moisture, holds .5 ounces in a recyclable tube, certified organic, fair trade

Bergamot Ginger: bergamot gives earl grey tea its uplifting citrus notes, combined with the invigorating power of ginger 

Grapefruit Cardamon: refreshing pink grapefruit and sultry, yet herbal cardamom

Lavender: calming organic lavender will sooth and protect your skin 

Materials: cocoa seed butter, coconut oil, beeswax, shea butter, non-GMO vitamin e, essential oils, plastic tube

Ideal for: replenishing moisture to your hands, cuticles, elbows and any other dry spots

Dimensions: 3 3/4" h x 1" dia 



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