Burkelman Glass Candle


Made in Cold Spring, NY

Features: 9 oz glass candle, each scent is uniquely packaged, 100% soy wax, cotton wick, burn time is up to 60 hours 

Ambassador So-And-So: notes of sandalwood, bergamot and lemon twist. Beginning with effervescent top notes of bergamot and lemon citrus and then settling in with a warm complex sandalwood that will take you places you've only dreamed of. 

Hammam It All: notes of tea leaves, linen and Turkish mint. A truly dreamy and calming scent with notes of dried tea leaves as they begin to steep, mixing into warm fresh air and ending with a relaxed cooling mint. 

Night Moves: notes of vetiver, bourbon vanilla and amber. A warming, intoxicating scent that is instantly arousing. A deep musk, layered with earthy wood, vanilla and sensual amber. 

Sensory Seeker: notes of cannabis resin, fernet and clove. A full herbal botanical libation explosion swirls with a sticky-icky nod to the ganja that will relax your mind and take you to a far away place whenever you burn it.  

Welcome To The Vortex: notes of armoise, leather and smudge stick. Inspired by the energizing desert vortexes of the American West. This scent will chill you out with an intoxicating woodsy herbal smudge stick mix consisting of cedar and juniper wood notes, followed by a strong middle note of fresh-camphoraceous armoise, and a warm base of worn leather.   

Materials: soy wax, cotton, glass

Ideal for: the bathroom, dining room, or living room; unique housewarming gift

Care: keeping your wick properly trimmed will keep the flame under control for a cleaner burn, for easy wax removal after candle is finished, place canister in freezer. 

Dimensions: 3" dia x 3 1/4"  h 



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