CLEARANCE - Weathered Silver Stacker Band Ring

Sarah Swell

Made in Sausalito, CA

Features: slim band that has been given Sarah Swell's signature weathered texture which is created by hammering the metal on a beach rock, sold individually, but looks great stacked with other rings. 

Materials: sterling silver

Care: Sarah Swell recommends gently washing your pieces with unscented, clear dish soap and a soft toothbrush as desired. This is all you should need to brighten up silver and make diamonds sparkle. She strongly advises against polishing cloths and dips as they deposit residue onto the metal. Never use any type of chemical (water is fine, but be cautious with lotion, harsh soaps, etc) on oxidized silver or a matte surface as it can change the unique finish. Do not wear jewelry where chemicals are present, such as a pools or hot tubs. Red Sail recommends that jewelry should always be removed before swimming, exercising, showering, and sleeping.

Dimensions: 1/16" band width 


$25.00 $50.00

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