Welcome to RED SAIL

Red Sail presents a thoughtful collection of items merging the charming beauty and clean functionality its namesake embodies. A bright red sail stands out against the vast blue ocean, a vivid symbol of a voyage full of discovery and vibrant mementos.

The wind in our sails rise from love for a well made object and careful design. From wearable jewelry and accessories to useful homewares, we take pleasure and pride in knowing the details of each item in our collection. Every piece offered for sale is something that we would be excited and pleased to give as a gift or to have in our own home.

It’s not just the artists’ work that we admire… the passion of the artists themselves that is a constant source of inspiration to us. Whether it is touring studios or learning about design philosophy and production methods, we are lucky to be apart of such a welcoming and talented community of makers.

At Red Sail we are committed to providing our guests a refreshing and inspiring retail experience, both in the our shop and our online store. Thank you for being a part of our journey, we look forward to your visit!