Moon Tumbler


Made in Berkeley, CA

Features: matte white with grey speckles. Due to the glazing process, the speckling on each piece will be totally unique, please contact us for images of available pieces if this is of concern. Holds 12 fluid ounces. 

Soda firing is a dynamic and variable firing process wherein liquified soda carbonate is sprayed into the kiln at 2,280 F through several ports on each side. The soda spray immediately vaporizes and is swept up in the path of the flame, painting on the ware and creating a glaze. Each firing results in completely organic and unique interaction of the flame and vapor.

Material: high fire stoneware 

Ideal for: a warm cup of tea that fits perfectly in your hand 

Care: microwave and dishwasher safe

Dimensions: 4"h x 3 1/8" in dia



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