Ora Necklace

Betsy & Iya

Made in Portland, OR

Features: adjustable length necklace of Japanese thread spun into rope, with metal accents

Materials: high quality Japanese thread, sterling silver filled wire, African trade beads, brass

Ideal for: pairing with jeans and a black t-shirt 

Care: Betsy and Iya note that tarnish occurs naturally when certain metals are exposed to air and moisture. If you don’t like the patina look, use a jewelry polishing cloth to bring your brass, bronze, silver, and sterling silver back to its original luster. To clean plated metal they suggest a squirt of Windex on a soft, non-abrasive cloth. Jewelry should be removed before swimming or showering to help maintain shine. 

Dimensions: 40" at it's longest and is adjustable right up to the neck



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