Saguaro Cactus Pin


Made in Seattle, WA

Features: gorgeous rose gold hard enamel cloisonné, illustrated by Samantha Leung, high polished 10k gold base, flat head tie tack backing, includes a illustrated card display, perfect pin for any plant lover

This pin was made to honor the beautiful and statuesque Saguaro Cactus, depicting a bright and minimalist cactus, that appears to be waving. According to the National Park Service, the tallest Saguaro found is 78 feet tall and is over 200 years old.

Materials: enamel, high polished 10k gold base

Directions: separate the flat back part of the clasp and pull that away from the pin. Once that is pulled back far enough it will release itself from the pin post. 

Dimensions: 1" l x 3/4" w 



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